Dance to your favorite song!

Have you ever seen a child rock out in dance to a song? It doesn’t matter where they are, or what’s going on around them, they shake their booty because the rhythm has taken them and transported them to their own little world. They don’t care about the family reunion, the fact that they’re in the middle of a busy mall, or at the park. They hear the music and let their bodies sway and stomp their little feet to the beat.

Why do we adults get self-conscious about the way we dance as we get older? True, some people never really get that way, and that’s probably because they’re pretty good dancers. But even those people will probably feel there are times to dance and the rest of the time, they hold it in. That song is playing on the radio, maybe even in your headphones, but you stay there, rigid and tense.

Why not let it out? Why not say “I don’t no” and let the beat take over. Tap your feet and fingers, sway those hips, twist, and turn. Do not care what anyone else is thinking or doing, do not pay attention to your surroundings, just let it out. Who cares if you look great or goofy? You’re enjoying the moment, you’re living, you’re happy, and letting the positive into the world.

I love to see people break into an unexpected jiggle or do a double step to the music. My teenage daughter acts as if it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world when I start to move to the music at the supermarket, but then again, teenagers are embarrassed by just about anything. I want to live in the moment, how about you? Extra points if you can get someone to dance with you!

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