Get Down and Dirty—in the Yard

Somehow children are less bothered about dirt than adults are. And with good reason. They are often less aware of the myriad of germs which we do our best to avoid as adults. What we often forget as we get older is that garden work really is much more fun when we allow ourselves to get dirty.

I’m not sure why it seems that gardening is perceived as a job that shouldn’t be dirty. You can find any number of gardening magazines and websites and everyone always looks so neat, tidy, and well, clean! Truth is, gardening can get messy and while you’re at it, you might as well enjoy it. It’s alright to wear gloves, though it can be fun to take them off and feel the dirt sometimes. Put on your old jeans so you won’t be worried about stains.

There’s just something fun about letting the wet dirt run through our fingers as we kneel in a garden patch. Getting good and grungy while working the flower patch or planting vegetables can be liberating in a way. It can throw us back to our childhood when we made mud pies. You’re back to nature, you’re not thinking about “dirt” and “germs”, but just enjoying life for a few moments.

The weather is warm, it’s a great time to cultivate a bit of garden plot, even if it’s just balcony baskets. And when you do, say “I don’t no” and allow yourself the pleasure of getting dirty while you’re at it. Once you’re done, you can look over your work and enjoy it for a long time to come. You’ll have tasty vegetables, neat flower beds, and a garden you can be proud of.

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