About I Don’t No

The idea for this blog was born one day, kind of out of the blue. It all started with a chain mail; one of those lists that was making the rounds on Facebook. The list was of ideas of things to do for a day to be a child again. This sparked my interest; I reposted on my wall and asked for more ideas. I kept adding to it as I thought of things, and soon I had a growing list and the idea to share it. These ideas are meant to be just that, ideas for ways to liven life up and bring smiles and some goofiness into the every day. Some of these are easier to do than others, but I have the feeling it’ll get easier with time.

In our busy lives; our responsible, adult lives, we tend to leave the laughing, the having fun, for delegated times, times when we schedule in a night out, an excursion, or holiday. This is an opportunity to break out of the routine—even if it’s just once a day—and do something not normally done. Instead of saying, “oh, I don’t know” to switch it to, “I don’t no”. It’s an opportunity to say yes, to bring smiles, laughs, and a bit of fun.

I’d love to hear your stories; you can even send me pictures of the crazy things you do and how it gets received. Let me know what it feels like to become a child again, even if it’s just for a few moments. I’d like to see those cares of the day melt away, the spring come back into a step, and discover if dealing with the adult responsibilities becomes even better.



I am by no means encouraging illegal behavior, consistently engaging in unhealthy behavior, or putting yourself or anyone else in danger. I am strongly opposed to inappropriate adult/child conduct. This blog is meant for fun and recreational purposes only. All comments will be moderated before posting to avoid spam and any inappropriate language. Please keep it friendly and we can all have a good time.